Auto posting on Instagram

Want to spend less time on social media but still get better results? Then use auto posting on Instagram. Yes, now you can just set a date and time, and the publication will appear in the feed at the appointed time without your help.

What is this miracle, how to set it up properly, and when is it advisable to use it? These are the questions we have to figure out. You should also take a closer look at the buy instagram followers option, which will help attract more of your target audience to your account.

What do you need auto posting for?

Auto posting on Instagram is a useful option that allows you to configure the publication of content, so that new posts appear in the feed without your participation. This tool is especially popular with SMM professionals who promote several accounts at once. So why do you need auto posting? Here are a few reasons.

  1. It helps to optimize work processes. You no longer need to spend a ton of time every day publishing content (writing text, adding hashtags, and so on). Once a week (or even less) is enough to set up scheduled postings, and spend your free time developing your business or improving other processes.
  2. Plan. Alas, you won’t get far without a well-thought-out plan, and auto posting helps make your publication schedule more stable and logical.
  3. Manage several profiles at once. Are you actively engaged in SMM? Then there is a chance that you have more than one account and each of them needs to be monitored. Consequently, in order not to rush between profiles and make a post at the same time, you need to set up delayed posting.
  4. Work remotely. Have you finally fulfilled your long-held dream and moved to Bali, but still need to post content at another country’s time? There is no need to break your biorhythms for the sake of timely publication, because there is an automatic posting.
  5. Another plus of delayed posting – it will save you from a creative crisis and lack of ideas. You can think of topics and write posts in advance, and the free time can be directed, for example, to find new sources of inspiration.

Tips and tricks

What’s worth remembering if you decide to use auto posting:

  • content should be appropriate for each social network (take into account the parameters of the target audience);
  • try not to schedule more than 4 posts per day (for one account);
  • adapt the content to the format of the site (one and the same publication can be presented in different ways)
  • monitor user reactions (respond to comments, respond quickly to negative comments, communicate in messages, etc., since no delayed posting service will do this for you);
  • when you write text, be sure to respect the character count.

And the most important advice – do not forget to monitor the quality of content. Try not to flood your followers with tons of meaningless posts, or you risk losing your loyal audience. You should also use the best website to buy instagram followers to increase interest in your account. After all, if you don’t have followers, new visitors won’t be interested in your content.