Choosing a hosting for an online store

When creating your own online store, you should consider the increase in its popularity in the future. The increasing flow of visitors every day, making purchases and making them will increase the load. The quality and speed of work is one of the indicators of the image, and any failures will reduce the turnover. Therefore, when choosing a hosting provider, you should pay special attention to the resources offered to him and the possibility of increasing them in future work. The main hosting parameters for the online store are the resources:

  • RAM;
  • processor time;
  • disk space.

High performance of these parameters for hosting for an online store will ensure stability during peak loads.

Download speed

According to studies, it was found that increasing the time to load a commercial site leads to loss of customers and losses. Server response time should be minimal, which will increase the speed of opening a site. So if you want to get the most from your site, you should do everything possible to speed up its work.

Scaling and CMS

A sharp increase in activity on the site, in connection with the conduct of promotions and sales, should not affect its work. Before buying hosting for an online store, do not forget to make sure that the hosting provider provides the ability to change the tariff plan to a higher one without migrations and transfers. This can shorten your time in the future.

Stability and reliability

Choosing a reliable and positively proven provider for work is the path to success and prosperity of your Internet resource. UpTime above 99% per year is considered reliable and worthy of cooperation. By the way, in our country this indicator is 99.987%.

How to choose a hosting for a website on WordPress

The question of which hosting to choose for a WordPress website worries many novice users who want to find a good server for their website. WordPress is a site management system created in PHP that uses MySQL to store a database. The main advantages of this system include the fact that it is easy to install and supplement with templates and plugins. WordPress, although not particularly demanding, still has some technical features that a provider should have.

Choosing a hosting – basic technical requirements

  • As already mentioned, WordPress is written in PHP, so hosting requires a version of PHP 5.2.4.
  • Availability of MySQL version from 5.0 and higher.
  • The presence of the Linux platform with the Apache web server.
  • At least 100 mb of disk space.

Other hosting requirements

In addition to the technical characteristics, you need to find out some more important parameters in order to know exactly how to choose a hosting for a website on WordPress. First you need to decide what type of hosting you need, there are 3 in total: shared hosting, dedicated server and VPS. Shared hosting is suitable if you intend to host several websites with low traffic and low data volume. For large websites that are visited by tens and hundreds of thousands of people a day, a dedicated server or VPS from the company is better. Next, you should pay attention to the reputation of the provider, because it is an indicator of the quality of the services provided.

So, summing up the above, we can summarize that the best hosting should combine several basic parameters. They include: the technical component that ensures the functioning of the entire website, a good hosting reputation, a fast and round-the-clock support service, a suitable price and experience in the market for such services, or the provision of specialized tariffs.