How to choose the best anniversary gift

Every wedding anniversary is a very personal and warm holiday. On this day, spouses remember how many joyful moments they have experienced together, and plan for a happy future. If acquaintances, friends or parents have invited you to celebrate this important holiday with them, you should not come empty-handed. In this case, you can visit the website Giftcards-market and choose a great gift.

Chintz Wedding (1 year)

You have not yet forgotten how you were partying at your friends’ wedding, and they are already celebrating their first anniversary? A great excuse to congratulate the spouses on their chintz wedding and give them something made of fabric. For example, beautiful linens, towels, paired T-shirts or tablecloths. Remember that textiles are an important part of the interior, so do not give your minimalist friends pillowcases with abundant decor or bright prints. Spouses on this day traditionally give each other scarves with tied knots. This gesture symbolizes the strength of their love. 

Paper wedding (2 years)

The first “paper” gift that comes to mind is money. Besides, financial well-being has saved quite a few young families. If giving an envelope is too trivial for you, you should think about the gift more carefully. Are you sure that your and your friends’ tastes are the same? Give a picture or a poster in a frame. Those who love to read will be happy with books – it’s now an expensive treat. Usually on a paper anniversary, wives and husbands exchange inexpensive but valuable gifts. For example, you can prepare romantic letters for each other or a quest with little surprises. You can also choose a gift card and place it in an envelope.

Leather Wedding (3 years)

There are many wonderful gifts to give on the third anniversary. The choice of leather decor is enormous. You can give a generic gift to friends in the form of a leather suitcase, paired passport covers, home decor. And if you yourself are celebrating the date and feel like you’ve been missing a spark lately, choose some interesting leather accessories from the adult store.

Linen/Wax Wedding (4 years)

Flax is a beautiful material, as strong as your friends’ relationships! Congratulate them with any gifts from this fabric. In summer, linen textiles add lightness to the apartment – such as curtains, napkins or tablecloths. The spouses themselves on a linen wedding can arrange a romantic candlelit dinner. And if you want a change of scenery, try renting a country house with a fireplace for the weekend.

Wooden Wedding (5 Years)

This is the first anniversary of a family, which couples often celebrate in a big way. Don’t be left out and present them with something made of wood. For example, a coffee table. Just do not forget to coordinate the purchase, so that the new furniture has found its place in the apartment. In addition, you can give the couple a sapling of a tree – let them plant it together in the yard or the nearest park.
You can also choose a gift card, which would be a universal gift for any anniversary. If you don’t know where to find one, visit this website.