Is it possible to start trading binary options with $1?

Binary options are one of the most popular trading tools and are in great demand among traders. Nowadays, there are many companies offering the opportunity to trade options starting from $1 with a deposit of just $10. Probably you won’t get rich this way, but with the help of available options, with minimal investments you can gain experience, learn about the inevitable mistakes and correct them in time, and then, with enough “baggage” of knowledge and skills start trading big time. Big investments are required for a good income, but we will tell you how to start a business with only $1 in your pocket!  

Binary options from $1 have without a doubt become a real breakthrough and made this trading tool available to almost everyone who wants to master this segment of the financial market. Of course to succeed in any business you need knowledge and experience, but the main thing you need to succeed is a great desire. So, starting to trade with $1, provided that a reliable brokerage company is chosen and a sufficient amount of knowledge is acquired, it is quite possible to increase your “deposit” and thus begin to make large profits.

What are binary options? 

It is a trading instrument, working on the principle of “all or nothing”. A trader needs to predict the direction of price movement. As a result of the concluded transaction a participant of the market increases his income from the initial sum or loses it. Compromises are inappropriate here. It is worth noting that only large banks, investment and hedge funds trade binary options on the CBOE and AMEX exchanges. Brokers, presented on the expanses of the Internet, have no connection with these exchanges. The deals concluded with them are not taken to the interbank. But it is good, otherwise it would be necessary to trade with the min “deposit” from $10 thousand.  

To carry out binary options trading, traders are provided with a platform through which they can make bets on the price movement, getting a good reward for it (for a successful prediction, on average, from 60%). Today there are many companies, offering to begin trading activities with a min deposit of just $0.5-$1. For the brokers it gives an opportunity to attract traders, who do not have big sums. If you want to find a broker and start your own way, use