Mass Payments to Freelancers Made Easy

If you’re planning to make mass payments to freelancers, then you can use the EasyStaff service – All you need to do is fund an EasyStaff account and transfer the money to the freelancer. Depending on your budget and the amount you’re paying, you can even choose to set up a payment schedule and recommended payment amounts. This way, you can make wage payments on time, even if you’re not based in the same city.


The EasyStaff service for mass payments to freelancing companies allows you to schedule and make automatic payments to your freelancers. All you need to do is fund an EasyStaff account with your payment amount, and Easystaff will transfer the money to the freelancer. Once you have chosen a payment schedule and amount, you can simply set up the service to distribute the payments according to your specified deadlines. Easystaff makes the payment process simple and secure, and ensures that your freelancers receive their wages on time and in full.

Using EasyStaff allows you to work with international customers and freelancers. It eliminates the need for a transactional account, foreign exchange controls, and acceptance and delivery acts. EasyStaff also offers documentation for international customers, which makes it easier to pay freelancers. EasyStaff payments are made three times a day, and you receive payment within 24 hours of your customer accepting your work.


In an e-business, the challenges of contract fulfillment and payment for services are many. Escrow services provide both parties with peace of mind by ensuring timely payment and open deliveries, while also reducing the risk of fraud. For example, Workana uses escrow between clients and freelancers, releasing payments once the client has accepted the work and verified receipt. In the case of escrow services, there is no need for the client to deal with the freelancers personally.

When using an escrow service for mass payments to freelancers, clients can sign a non-disclosure agreement that limits the freelancer’s access to project information. This clause is essential to maintain the power balance in the relationship. It’s best to hire a freelancer’s Escrow service if you can’t afford a lawyer, but you can always borrow their language. However, if an employer cannot afford to hire an escrow service, he should instead consider utilizing the services of an online payment platform that resolves disputes.


The EasyStaff service for mass payments to your freelancers can help you streamline your payroll and eliminate the hassle of manually making payment transfers. By simply funding the EasyStaff account, you can send money to your freelancer in any currency. You can even specify a schedule for the payments and the amounts to be transferred to your freelancer. Easystaff will then transfer the money directly to your freelancer’s account, ensuring timely payment.

PayPal is an online payment service founded in 1998 and has a market cap of over $100 billion. It allows you to make payments using a credit card, bank account, PayPal wallet, or PayPal credit line. It also offers a range of payment options for businesses. Other popular payment options include Western Union and Moneygram. Western Union offers on-site payouts at over 500,000 locations worldwide. Moneygram has over 360,000 on-site agent locations, including 25,000 in Africa.

Western Union

The EasyStaff service for mass payments to freelancing professionals helps employers reduce the workload and ensure timely payment of freelancers. The service provides a flexible platform to pay employees, suppliers, and third parties and can send payments globally. Its APIs are open and feature-rich, making it possible to integrate with third-party applications. Users can use EasyStaff’s services to make payments to freelancers from various software.

Moreover, EasyStaff eliminates the hassles of foreign exchange controls and acceptance & delivery acts. EasyStaff debits money to your credit card in your preferred currency and offers a 10% referral fee. As an affiliate of EasyStaff, you will earn $ 380 a month. Its service enables employers and employees to connect with high-paid markets without having to create a legal entity or open an account abroad.


If you’re in the market for a service that will allow you to make mass payments to freelancers, Easystaff is a great option. Using this service is simple – you fund a freelancer’s account and the company transfers the amount to them. Easystaff allows you to choose the payment schedule and recommended payment amount for your freelancers –, and distributes the money to them automatically based on predefined deadlines. This way, you can rest assured that the freelancers you hire will be paid on time and that you’ll never have to worry about tax issues.

Payoneer is another great option for mass payments. This service was founded in 2005 and supports businesses in 200 countries and 150 currencies. Its service is used by many of the top freelance websites, and allows you to track freelancer time with detailed reports. Payoneer also enables you to send payments to freelancers without sending them checks. You can also add multiple freelancers to the same project, and assign them a pay rate, and then set up automatic payments.