Sex after 50

Today it is common to imagine sex as an activity that is peculiar only to young people. However, such statements are not entirely true. Only after a few decades, you can get to know your own body and the places that can give pleasure to your partner much better. Now you can reach a point where various inhibitions have already disappeared, and you can allow yourself something that was simply impossible before. Many couples in age declare that intimacy becomes much more exciting and the sensations more genuine. If there are some difficulties with erection, then you can use drugs from this site 

Causes of impotence

  • Disorders of a neurological nature. This category can include damage to nerve impulses, when their transmission to the genitals is reduced. This can include some diseases of the brain, sclerosis, various injuries of the spinal cord, etc.
  • Disorders of endocrine glands. The main source for testosterone synthesis is the testicles. If there is a low level of blood concentration, impotence may occur. This can include diseases of the thyroid gland, the pituitary gland – their disorders can also affect the decline in potency in a man.
  • Overstrain of a physical nature. Any sexual act is associated with the expenditure of energy. Therefore, the sexual arousal of a man will be influenced by his physical strength. In cases where there is constant exhaustion, erectile capacity decreases.
  • Disorders of a psychological nature. When a man’s lifestyle is associated with constant frustration, his testosterone levels can drop significantly. Also, the sexual organ decreases the sensitivity of various receptors. If a man experiences anxiety or psychological problems before intercourse, it can affect potency. To help you solve problems with potency or prolong sexual intercourse will be able to products presented on specialized sites.

A few benefits of sex at any age

A university in Michigan conducted a study in which about a thousand people over the age of 65 answered a series of questions about their sex life. More than 70 percent said that for them, intimacy is one of the main components of a fulfilling relationship with a partner. Four out of five men surveyed felt this way. The number of women who agreed with this statement was about 70 percent. Almost half of those surveyed were actively having sex at the moment. Although there is still a decrease in sexual activity with age:

  • Among people aged 65 to 70, nearly half said they were sexually active;
  • For people whose age is between 70 and 75, only 40 percent found this to be the case;
  • Over 76, only ¼ of retirees surveyed were sexually active.

More than 65 percent said they considered themselves interested in being sexually active. And a third of those surveyed claimed a very high level of that interest. Even if there are problems with erection, you can buy medication at The survey also concluded that an active sex life keeps one in good health.