What does a real bitcoin look like?

There are many cryptocurrencies traded on cryptocurrency exchanges and bitcoin leads among them. It appeared about ten years ago and was worth only one dollar. Now its price is several thousand dollars. However, still not everyone knows what bitcoin looks like. Many assume that it looks like a coin made of different metals (probably very expensive, since it costs so much). Is it really like that? Let’s find out.

So what does it look like?

Bitcoin is not a classical currency in the usual sense. It has no physical embodiment, but is an electronic file. Nevertheless, you can already order a prepaid bitcoin card and use cryptocurrencies to pay for goods and services.

Bitcoin is a numeric function that satisfies the conditions set in the system’s source code. It is also considered to be virtual gold. The number of bitcoins is limited from the beginning. No more than 21,000,000 coins can be issued. But how is it mined? People don’t print it on paper or mint coins, instead they mine it. Every network user has the right to mine coins. But if everyone can do it, then you can also run into fake stuff, right? It’s not. Bitcoin can’t be counterfeited, at least not by any cybercriminal yet.

Now that you know that bitcoin exists only in the form of computer code, then you must have a question: Where in the world are there so many images with bitcoin coins, as well as many other cryptocurrencies? It’s worth noting that physical coins really do exist. Let’s try to figure out what they are for, what they look like, what do they even represent?

About Bitcoin Coins

Today, bitcoin coins are made from a variety of metals. Both individuals and companies are involved in the production of coins. Payment is made depending on the manufacturer: some accept BTC, while others accept dollars, euros, and so on. Initially, the BitBill project started making physical bitcoins. It issued plastic cards with a certain face value, which was indicated on the front. Also on the card there was an open QR-code with a purse address and closed QR-code with a private key.

Later, according to the same analogy, coins began to be issued. Among the first coins were Casascius Physical Bitcoins. They were considered collectible, not for mass production. Different metals were used: from copper to pure gold.

Nowadays there is a wide variety of coins: from the cheapest souvenirs from Aliexpress to the whole gold bars (with the same technology, as described above). So, the value of bitcoin coins varies a lot and depends on many factors: the metal used in the process, availability of a private key, number of issued copies, and so on. If you want to start using your bitcoins, it makes sense to use Cryptopay me service. Here you will have an opportunity to order special cryptocurrency cards, which will be the most successful solution in your situation. Every coin can be crucial, so you should use the opportunity to pay with cryptocurrency for shopping in stores. It is very convenient, because such an operation greatly simplifies the process.