What is the EasyStaff service

Many projects require instant money to be sent to employees. This is very difficult to do manually. Automated systems come to the rescue, allowing for quick and efficient settlement. They eliminate the need for companies to employ or outsource specialists to carry out the work associated with mass payments and the accounting for such transactions.

The service https://easystaff.io/ quickly sends money to workers from all over the world, charging a small commission for the service.

What is EasyStaff? 

EasyStaff is an online service that helps set up bulk payments to employees who work remotely. It avoids unnecessary paperwork and in-house recruitment red tape. There are also other benefits that you get when you use the service.

You will not have to enter into contracts. There are no contracts with the contractor, and you will not have to report to tax authorities either. Another no less important benefit of working here is a significant reduction in taxes. After all, thanks to cooperation with this company, there is no longer any tax relationship with freelancers. All payment transfers are carried out using verified systems, which is why all work, and payment for it, is carried out as legally as possible. EasyStaff is an easy way to set up a payment system for freelancers and remote workers legally and without risk.

All you have to do is sign a single contract with contractors and you can legally access the services of freelancers from all over the world. And you don’t have to employ them in-house. You do not need to deal with any unnecessary paperwork while working with remote freelancers, either on a permanent basis or on one-off projects. All documentation will be processed on EasyStaff and sent to your office.

The advantages of EasyStaff

  • Instant payment to the contractor. You do not need to wait several days for the payment to be received.
  • Possibility to cooperate with any freelancer, regardless of their field of activity. Tax status and place of residence will not affect the payment to a freelancer.
  • Legal status of the transactions. All payments made through the service are legal, and you do not need to provide any additional paperwork for each payment.
  • Save money on taxes. The service takes care of your tax obligations, you will only have to pay the commission.
  • Don’t waste time on paperwork. No need to keep additional paperwork for financial and tax reporting.
  • Convenient personal cabinet. Service helps not only to pay your executors on time, but also to keep track of your tax returns and financial situation through the interface of your profile on the service.

Thanks to EasyStaff services you can search for workers worldwide and legally pay for their services without having to do a lot of paperwork and pay taxes. You simply pay a commission and get great benefits for your business. This completely removes any obstacles that arise when transferring money to foreign workers. The resource charges 10% for services rendered. There are no further hidden fees.